Cautious re-entry into blogville

I had a blog, then I didn’t anymore. My broad and extensive readership of 3 people were devasted. The reason was mainly I suddenly got uncomfortable about all this information about me being out there, being a shy and reclusive type. So expect this newlook blog to keep you guessing.
To bring you up to date: I am now in Maimana, a smaller version of Mazar, about 9 hours west, across Dasht e Laili (the Desert of Laili). It is a horrific road. Don’t try it. I have seen plenty of bad roads, and this was a baddie. I had two drivers on the journey: Rasoul and Nasim. Nasim drove like a fool, but Rasoul was a madman.
I’m still with the UN here. Keep asking myself how it is that I am still in this country. Must have been really bad in a previous life.


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