I’m an author


From Under a Leaky Roof…
Afghan Refugees in Australia

Phil Sparrow
PUBLICATION DATE: December ISBN: 1 92106 436 6 RRP: $24.95 GENRE: History/Cultural Studies From Under a Leaky Roof … traces the journey of many of the Afghan refugees currently in Australia — from discrimination and persecution under the Soviet, Mujahideen and Taliban regimes to the incarceration, and discrimination they now experience in Australia. Philip Sparrow, a UN aid-worker, suggests more durable and humane approaches which should be adopted for those who have been forced from their homes

So, here it is. My first book (if you don’t count “The night the robbers came”, written age 7: a great story about some robbers ripping off presents. Saint Nick foils them. Publishers pls contact me for rights).

Az zer-e chakah gorekt wa zer-e baran neshast – he ran out from under the leaky roof and found himself in the rain. It’s an Afghan proverb, and an apt title for the book, which is out on December 1.

In the words of reviewers ‘…a fluent, moving story… a tribute to humanity, and a condemnation of the mean-heartedness of the Howard government… beautifully written, powerful and provocative… more wine please…what? No, I haven’t read it…Ahhh. Right, yes, that book…’.

One thought on “I’m an author

  1. I work at a library and your book should be in our collection. I will request it and I’m looking forward to reading it.

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