Meetings with violent men

Meetings today with General Fazil, Hajji Sofat Rewan, Khair Gamil Baba and Salai-uddin. All known warlords. Enough blood on their hands to satisfy Red Cross blood banks for years. The meeting was to do with disarmament… sure enough, all of them vehemently denied any weapons at all… none! ‘ If I have any weapons, arrest me now!’…’Liar you do! You gave him a whole truck full. I saw it, by God’ …’ By God, don’t call me a liar in the holy month of Ramazan!’.
And so it went on. Sitting with us was an ISAF commander and I whispered to him, ‘You’re the only one with a weapon, here, now. Take them all out. Four shots, no more problem.’

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