One bullet can ruin your whole day


Last week a UNDP two vehicle convoy was returning to Maimana from Mazar along the alternate route, which we had been using because of fighting on the main route. The fighting is actually between two political parties, and while quite a few people have been killed, it is not targetting the international community. Nonetheless, it seemed a good idea to use the secondary road.
About an hour out of Maimana, two gunmen attacked the trailing vehicle. 10 rounds from a Kalishnikov emptied into the car, ripping through four thicknesses of Landcruiser steel. Windows shattered, and a passenger injured. Amazingly, he was not killed – the bullet passing just in front of his head.
Then two days later, an NGO was returning to Maimana on the main route. A single gunman opened fire from behind a low wall, killing one passenger – a respected teacher, and injuring three others, one receiving two bullets to the head. The entire magazine was shot out – more than 30 bullets.
We have suspended travel in the province, but a resolution to this is not in sight.


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