Reviewing things so far

Just had a short break in Delhi, India to visit roots and reflect on the last ten years. Bought a new camera while there, see below for what I think to be a terrific shot of a woman in a burqa, her daughter and a man on a bike on the street outside our house.
India was good. We still have friends there from years back, when Julie and I first worked there in 96, after my studies there in 94. 1994 was when I met Greg, a Queenslander. He was working with the organisations we later joined and it was his lifestyle and commitment that was so influential to me at that time. Greg and his wife and now, three kids, are still there, same orientation though their lifestyle has changed somewhat.
One thing I did realise (other reflections later) was how hard the last 10 years have been for Julie and I. We have lived in about 13 different houses during this time (doesnt count durations of less than 1 month), in 4 countries, plus visiting countless other places and countries during this time. Our daughter nearly died in childbirth, we were evacuated from Afghanistan, losing everything we had here, saw our work and life terminated. We have been sick, shot at, beaten and sick, again, more times than you can count. Plus all the rest of it.
So reflecting on that helped me realise its no wonder I have been treating God with suspicion, and that he and I are estranged. But maybe that is changing.


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