flaccid, weak and tardy

I know there hasn’t been much worth reading here lately… for those interested, here’s why

–  I have chronic, severe back pain presently,

– I laid about 50m2 of concrete on Tuesday (may be linked to above),

– Night times I have been writing project documentation on shelter and housing for one of the aid groups I consult for,

– I don’t generally write about my average days, because there are plenty of other blogs that do that better than me, and

– I have had a bit of a creative dead space. Usually I will see things, events, accidents, exchanges and follow them, either imaginatively or in real time and develop a piece around it. That hasnt happened recently.

So there.

4 thoughts on “flaccid, weak and tardy

  1. yeah… its too bad when you’re just flaccid. Hey, what happened to that Forge stuff you were going to email me? – was great to catch up with you too.

  2. I feel your pain – errr my pain that is, but LIKE your pain. I’m with Hamo on the flaccid thing though.

    Back pain sucks – makes you feel like you aren’t pulling your weight around the house.

    My physio and I are on good terms these days, I think he’s looking at a new car on the basis of my visits.

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