One day I will be proud to be an Australian.

“I believe we have got a lot of work to do in Australia in order to give ourselves an identity. We … have an inferiority complex as a nation that only the USA can soothe; the richest culture we have in this land also happens to be the one that we are letting die out in our Indigenous people; and we have a heck of a lot of people that are still terrified of other cultures living among us…We have got potential though, and that is why I will be a proud Australian one day, as opposed to an Australian.” – quote from Cam Harris (


4 thoughts on “One day I will be proud to be an Australian.

  1. G’day Phil
    First visit for a few weeks and it was good. The cartoons are coming along well.
    I stayed with Rachel and Michael in Sydney this week and they are both breatly relieved at the encouraging diagnosis on Cam.

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  3. Thanks for the visit Simon. Yes, Cameron put it really well in that quote. I look forward to being proud to be an Australian. I used to be.. but the last 10 years… not any more.

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