In London

I’m in the UK. Pentonville Rd, Islington to be exact, in a small cafe that reeks of cooking fat. They have excellent coffee, free internet, but my cholesterol level is skyrocketing simply by sitting here.

Speaking of which, yesterday I purchased a tandoori chicken roll with salad for lunch. The woman beside me, who had a young daughter in a pram with her, purchased a sausage and chip batty. For those uneducated in English cusine, this is a sausage and chips in a buttered roll. Its the sort of thing you eat if you are attempting to walk to the South Pole, naked, wearing roller skates.

‘Good luck with the trek’ I murmured as she paid. 


4 thoughts on “In London

  1. What on earth are you doing in London? Long way to go for a latte! And BTW, don’t knock the chip butty, it goes down well with black pudding and has delivered comfort and blocked arteries to generations of English!

  2. Hello mate! Was in London for a job interview (they paid for the flight, don’t worry) with a human rights organisation. It was great to be back there… even with the chip butties….

  3. Pretty decent of them! Does this mean you have answered the life direction question? What the Brits like to call a “kebab” is a pretty popular diet for that trek, 8 parts grease, one part meat, one part chilli sauce.

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