Laptop needed

Readers! (all six of you)

I will travel to Afghanistan in a few weeks (Nov 14) for some work with different aid agencies. I have an Afghan friend and colleague who is now working with a respected aid agency in Kapisa, Central Afghanistan. I have worked directly with him for three years in community development work, back in 99-01 and 03-04. He is a man of high integrity and commitment. And he is a really nice guy.

He has asked me to buy him a laptop, which I would bring with me when I come.

The reason for this post is to see if there is out there, amongst the waste-heaps of Western affluence, an unneeded laptop lying around. I hope you won’t think him (or me) picky if I say that an old 1990’s style laptop won’t really do – Afghanistan may not be Australia, but they run the same software on the computers as we do, and are trying to do the same work. So it would need to be fairly recent model, with reasonable specifications, and no problems – they have even less access to repair and service (especially in Kapisa). He was willing to pay for the laptop, but I know that what he could afford would not buy very much, and would in any case represent many months salary for him. I don’t think I have ever made a request like this before and I will not make a habit of it.

If you can help, please let me know – leave a comment and we’ll work out how to get in touch. If you can’t maybe you can think of someone who could – let them know!

My thanks.


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