Laptop crashed and burned

Well, it happens to most of us. On my second week in Kabul  a power surge struck my laptop, and it went quietly to the great cyber-vault in the sky. On reflection, I’ve had a good run with laptops. Especially in Afghanistan. I’ve driven off with a laptop on the roof, and had it crash to the road at ~20kmph. My old laptop was dropped and the hinges broke, leaving the screen dangling by its umbilical cord. They have been covered in dust, had red wine spilled in them, kids bang them and suffered numerous power blips. So it was about my turn. I recovered the hard drive, but it has taken 2 weeks to buy a new one and get all the data back up. Credit to CARE Afghanistan, especially Lex, who paid for the new one – I was working on their stuff when my laptop died. Thanks Lex.

So as soon as I can get my pictures off my camera and onto this new laptop, I’ll post some more.


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