Enormously funny

I just wrote an enormously funny post titled ‘Kabul Grossness part 2’, which involved witty, erudite comments and observations on the necessity in this country of frequent nosepicking, a regime which, if not maintained , over the course of a normal day, brought about by the dust and dryness, permits the rapid, continual and steady formation of nasal stalactites of cement-like material. Complete with references to myself (both droll and self-deprecating), and my children (tender and respectful), who can multi-task nosepicking with ordinary conversation, reading books, writing and other activities, this post was destined to draw appreciative comments from around the world.

But stupid Microsoft Word crashed and the nosepicking post was lost forever…


One thought on “Enormously funny

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahah
    Nice one Phil
    Really funny stuff!

    I was laying in bed just the other night wondering about the process of nasal crustacean formation, how it works, where it comes from?
    It’s on my question list in the kingdom!!
    (Not high on the list admittedly, but on the list none-the-less)

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