Kabul grossness Part II

I worked out why I am so fatigued. Normally I go to bed somewhere between midnight and 1, and am up at 6ish. I don’t sleep during the day apart from maybe a nap on the weekend. But the last month I have been exhausted. I put it down to the heat, moving back here, hard work and frustration. But there has been another player. Many players, in fact.

Discretion and not wanting to be utterly gross prevent my elaboration, suffice to say that I have been colonised by wrigglers. Alot. So many that they are seeking additional accomodation. The evidence is irrefutable. It is also pretty horrible to look at.

I went to the pharmacy this morning and ordered Mebendazole. Alot of it. As a family we are all deworming. As they say, a family that deworms together, stays together.


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