No more Face book

Just in case any of my Facebook friends was wondering, I deleted my account, and so have disappeared from your lists (I think). I never used Facebook, and I had been wondering for a while why I had signed up to it. When I did use it, I mainly observed how many friends some people had, and how they are part of lavish, cool, and exclusive networks -‘UN network’, ‘Harvard network’, ‘Arabic-speaking, Tahiti-born, Sorbonne-educated, PhD, very hansome cool dude network’. I wasnt part of any of those, and so mainly felt a combination of envy and loser-ness.

But that’s nothing new. What clinched it was people I had not seen for 10, 15, 20 years asking to be my friend. I couldn’t, with integrity, bring myself to say ‘yes’ to them. They aren’t my friends, not as I understand it. So why were they wanting to be my ‘friend’ and what sort of relationship was Facebook establishing between us? I could have said yes to them, and I am sure, with a little effort, I could have found  300+ people to be my friend, and so appeared to be quite popular. But I am not sure that the majority of those people would be ones I wanted to hang out with.

I know that FB is a meaningful (or at least enjoyable) means of communication for many people, so no judgement from me at all; I just didn’t want to participate anymore.


3 thoughts on “No more Face book

  1. Smiling at your facebook comments. I feel the same way about blogging and have deleted my blog because it made me feel like a loser. Nobody ever left comments or those that did only left them because they felt obligated or wanted me to visit theirs. I have recently reactivated my blog only so people have a point of reference for me when I leave comments on the few blogs I enjoy visiting. I would like to do a sociological study on the blogging community……

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