missing the greenery.

For reasons a bit unclear to me still, the last week or so I have felt kind of empty of thoughts and reflections. Hence the blank spaces here. I’m not sure what it indicates. Partly, perhaps, a kind of settling in. A bedding down. In the early days of a new experience, much is new and difficult. As time passes, the extraordinary becomes less so, routines assert themselves. 

Partly also, I have been fatigued. This morning I got up at 6am for a conference call, went back to bed at 7, slept till 8.30, dozed from 10am till lunch, then slept from 2 till 3 again. Everytime I got up and got pretty quickly back down again.

Partly, I have been missing things about home. Greenery. The sea. The wind off the West Australian coast. We are on the end of summer here, and everything is dessicated, dry and dusty. With autumn the leaves are turning golden green, and there are some beautiful mornings now, but it won’t be until spring next year that clean green leaves emerge – albeit briefly, before the ubiquitous dust adheres. The nights are cold now, and already we are discussing winter, how to plan for and cope with the cold.

 Some recent photos in the absence of words.


3 thoughts on “missing the greenery.

  1. Mood cycles allow us to recharge and renew. Sometimes blue allows us to reflect and see if we need to make changes in our lives. Sometimes blue forces us to see the world in a more realistic light. I’m suffering from the same silence and am looking forward to the promise of spring and new life.

  2. I think you’re right. Mood cycles do give different perspectives. The difficulty for me is a large part of me yearns to be elsewhere…. this time in Afghanistan is about dying to myself, more than ever before.

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