Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

Part of the reason for my taciturn retiscence over the last weeks can now be revealed: a close colleague and friend had been kidnapped about 2 months ago, and we were, on request, all keeping quiet in order not to further jeopardise his situation and the negotiations.

It was very hard not to talk about it, and we were increasingly worried, when we received the good news a few days ago that he had been freed. He is ok, and we are grateful.


This morning a colleague was shot and killed just a few streets from our home, on her way to work.

We need to make some decisions in light of these events.


5 thoughts on “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

  1. I really admire you and your family for the strength that you have and all that you have done. I can’t imagine the feelings that you have nor how you have been able to deal with them in your time there.
    You and your family are often in my thoughts.

  2. Thanks. While my wife and I long ago made the decision that we were prepared to be killed working here, having kids is changing that arithmetic. To leave my son or daughter without a father or mother is not something I think I am prepared to do. So we need to work out our position, now.

  3. Hey mate,
    Will certainly be praying for wisdom for you and Julie. Not easy decisions at all. We will be leaving Sri Lanka in a month for the call of parenthood… so if you find yourselves back in Perth we would love to see you as we prepare ourselves for how life changes in the coming months.
    Prayers of protection for you all

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