If you needed confirmation.



Monthly security incidents, Jan 03- May 07.

The trend has continued till now.

Two Germans working for a private company (I think) and one Afghan shot this morning.

This is not what we were looking for.


One thought on “If you needed confirmation.

  1. I know at one level it’s wrong, but I was so glad when I read that the foreigners killed in Afghanistan today were not Australians, and therefore not you!
    May God help the families of those who were killed. Your description of them getting dressed and going about their business like any other day, then realising this was their last day on earth, was chilling. Phil, Julie, are you prepared for this to be your last day on earth? Are you prepared to say goodbye to the kids today knowing they may never see you again? Are you willing to take that risk and pay that price at this time? I know we’re all called to live sacrificially and be prepared to die for our faith and for love, but is this what you’ve been called to Afghanistan to do? To die? Obviously I don’t know if you will be killed, statistically the chances are probably still low, but each day the possibility seems more and more real. You are rolling the dice every day. Hopefully you’ll keep rolling 7’s or whatever the right number is, but is that how you want to live?
    I’m more concerned and therefore more emotionally involved as I read and write on the topic. If you were two anonymous aid workers I wouldn’t really care (you know what I mean). But, you’re not, and I do.
    I was there the day you got married. I dedicated your first born. I helped you re-commit your vows. I baptised you. The thing I fear is that the next thing I do in your life may be to bury you!!!
    One day it would be my privilege to do that, but not now! Not yet! Not because of this!
    I have the UTMOST RESPECT for you, both of you. I love your family. I accept that you will make your decision based on your own best effort at discernment and practical wisdom and knowledge.
    But I’m laying my cards on the table.
    I say it’s time to leave. Painful and disappointing as that would be, and aware that with every departure of good people from Afghanistan the country is left in a worse state, my feelings are personal.

    Rest assured, whatever you decide, I’m praying for you and you have my support.

    For God’s sake keep your head down!

    Love Marcus

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