Bath time and sugary oats


Despite the bad news of the last week, we are still living pretty normally. Here’s proof.

Bath time with some pretty cute kids. We lit the kerosene heater tonight. All of us were sick of cold water rinses. Ahhh, hot water.

And here is how you get porridge for the cold mornings:

  1. Buy a carton of American Quaker Quick Oats (the only sort available in the black market). They will be flavoured with Maple Sugar and Cinnamon, Apple and Brown Sugar, Sugar and Peaches, or just Sugar. There are also plain ones in the carton, flavoured with nothing! But I only found one of those.
  2. Individually tear open 65 packets and sift the sugar out (you would not believe how much there was…).
  3. Put the de-sugared oats in a container for later use.
  4. Keep a small jar of the sifted out sugar for … well, not sure yet. But might come in handy. Give the rest of the sugar to the dog. Watch the dog run around the yard like a grey streak. Laugh quietly.

Sugar, oats and a whole lot of empty sachets. And it only took about 35 minutes.


6 thoughts on “Bath time and sugary oats

  1. The bathroom tiles, bucket next to loo, bring back happy memories of China! Good to read this entry Phil. Do you want some oats sent over? (guaranteed no sugar or ‘things’ added!) Lowan brand.
    PS does the dog get a bath?

  2. Phil, I have found you. For years I have heard about the wonderful path your life has taken you on. Glad your journey is one full of love, joy and compassion. Love from SUSIE HUBER ( now siegrist:-) )

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