School walls and bullets


I dug these out of the school wall that our kids go to. They are old – there hasn’t been close fighting in Kabul for a long time. I would guess 1994-95 is when these date from. But it still chilled me somehow, prising them out. The lower bullet is not small. It is no fun imagining the damage that does to a body.

Currently, we are being forced to go through quite significant restrictions with regard to security. We were to have a festival tomorrow night, a Fall Festival – pumpkin carving, bonfire, picnics, games for the kids and so on. It was to be held at one of the large compounds here. It was cancelled because of the security risk it posed. The kids were bitterly disappointed.

At our kids school, a security assessment has deemed some aspects of the school unsafe. To bring the identified shortcomings up to standard would cost more money than the school has.

We continue to have to drive most places that we used to walk.

Somehow, we need to resist the oppression that these restrictions bring into our lives.

3 thoughts on “School walls and bullets

  1. Hi Phil
    A quick thought: check out Paul and Silas in Acts 16, oppressed and restricted (chained and imprisoned), but singing, rejoicing, and praising God. Keep your eyes and heart on the Lord, mate. Love you
    – Ian

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