Kind of sick of this

I am getting kind of sick of this. Today we ventured into Kabul town. I had a meeting with CARE, Julie and the kids went to a nice shop. On the way home, we came via Taimani. Had we gone the other way (which I wanted to go, believing it to be quicker), we would have found ourselves in the middle of the suicide attack at the Ministry of Culture and Information.

How many near misses make a hit? Not a direct hit, but the same sort of effect: making us decide to leave. It is the sum of small things.

(I know some of you are going to want to comment and say, ‘Now! Enough near misses now’. Thanks in advance. Believe me, we are processing this decision. Again.)


9 thoughts on “Kind of sick of this

  1. Standing with you Phil and Julie in the confusion, frustration, fear, decisions, passion for the people and place, committment to Kingdom growing, worry and uncertainty. Was great talking to Julie the other night and sorry we missed you Phil. Thinking and praying with you.

  2. Finding it hard to not to say come home like other friends… admire your commitment for what you have started though and understand how much you don’t want to leave from an upheaval, practical point of view….argh, what a dilemma

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