It’s life, but not as we knew it.

We seem to be settling into a new rhythm. A narrower orbit, a satellite run between office, home, the bazaar, and a couple of other locations – the kids school, a friend’s house. It is a tight leash we are on. But no evidence of insanity yet (but being ducks, we cope well with long division. And Samson was, after all, asking for it. Did I tell you we saw Amadeus? It.)

We’ve had a colleague out here this week. An agency we have worked with before, TEAR Australia, who have supported us here, have been tracking the security changes, and asked if we wanted some professional security input. We welcomed the chance. And so Rob has come out for 10 days to do hostage training scenarios, personal security, avoiding abductions and so on. Most people seem to be finding it useful, a good opportunity to think through fears and events and speak about them.

Rob and I went for a drive this afternoon out to the old Kings Palace:

No, that ventilation on the roof was not intended.

As we drove back, I asked Rob about his life and work. He’s an interesting man and has travelled and worked in some tough places. I suspect though that this environment, and more than that, our lives here (that is, the community of people we are part of), perplexed him somewhat. Why live here, work here, for long periods, years, on no salary? He gave his own answer, ‘You are pretty special people’. I have heard that response before. It isn’t true, not in the sense he meant it. 

I don’t know how to explain it well, or succinctly. We came here because we believe in humanity. We are not motivated by money or status, power or security. We believe that the normal things of life – schooling, water, enough food, access to justice, recompense for work, freedom from fear and war, rest – are the birthright of every person. And that is why we are here. We explain our beliefs and the actions that arise from these beliefs – coming to live and work here, low profile and unrecompensed – with reference to our relationship to Jesus Christ, his life and example.

But many people who do not share our faith believe these things too, and act similarly. We are not at all unique in what we do. So I think it must be true, that many people understand core truths of life, even though they may not link them back to any faith or spirituality.

I think we can all hear, if we listen hard enough. If you want to see, you can.


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