Big ears

A person who shall remain temporarily anonymous said, and I quote, ‘Phil has quite a way with words. But that picture of him makes his ears look bigger than they are.’

Hmmm. Not, ‘Makes his ears look big’, which could mean I have petite, elven ears, but ‘…. bigger than they are.’ That is, they are already big ears, and in this photo, they look really substantial.

Well. Next some one will make a tangential reference to nasal hair.

5 thoughts on “Big ears

  1. My cousin told me that even after every other body part stops growing, the ears keep on going. I did my own little survey sitting at the back at church (which has lots of old folks) and he’s right.

  2. no, no, the ears are NOT big, it is the PHOTO, making them look big……….but notice how the (supposedly) negative is the thing that humans latch on to, rather than the positive (way with words)

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