Why do you bother sometimes? Why do you come here and move yourself and your family halfway around the world and leave all the nice, good, fun things, why leave a place where you are appreciated and come here? Why put your kids through chaos and risk a bullet to the chest and live in dust and crap and cold? Why don’t we go? Isn’t six years enough? If people can’t learn the basics of honesty and respect in that time, when they have heard and seen it from 20 different sources, then what does it take? Why the lies and irresponsiblity and continual exploitation? More, more, just a little more?

Don’t worry about trying to convince me of the worthiness of our work. I knowit, I know the answers. It’s just that the answers aren’t enough sometimes.


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  1. “Posted 6 minutes ago” according to my blog monitor!
    Sounds like you’re having a bad day, has something specific happened or is it just the cumulative effect of the danger and uncertainty and frustration? I think most people can accept that you feel called/moved to live in Afghanistan and despite the dangers are willing to stick it out. But I think most people also echo your question: “Why put your kids through chaos and risk a bullet to the chest and live in dust and crap and cold?”
    I wish I had a better answer or response for you mate. The best I can offer is that I’m praying for you.

    Take care.
    Love M

  2. I certainly will try to convince you of the worthiness of your work – You are shining light in a dark place. You are being as obedient as you know how to God’s word and to his call on your heart. You are serving people who are made in God’s image. And in a myriad of ways, some visible to you and many not, you are making a difference to their lives. Strength to you, Sparrows! Love you.

  3. Sounds like the same words Christ might have said over and over again – you’re keeping good company in the midst of the chaos – Holy Spirit wrap your hopeful light warm around your sweet Sparrows and allow their fluttering hearts to create reflective lightwaves throughout their chaotic world – may their service shine like lovely luminarios upon the twisted, darkened path of hatefulness – may the glow they spill upon the wretched trail delecately direct the stepping feet of those who seek relief, shelter, and sustence from pain, hopelessness, hunger, and thirst.

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