That’s better.

Don’t worry, I’m feeling slightly better this morning. Just had to blow off a bit of accumulated annoyance and anger and frustration and so on.

It’s a clear cold morning. It’s the weekend. The kids and I are going to school to work on the playground that we are building.

As the poet says, dream (and vent) at night, but make your decisions in the morning.


2 thoughts on “That’s better.

  1. Not totally sure why you sound off in public, but it does give me a pretty clear idea how your day is. Glad it’s “moved by” to some degree.

    Mind you, bullets and dust aside (and I know they can’t really be put aside), you could have had a week like that staying in the Ritz Carlton.

    Seeing how you quote a poet, try this little aphorism: “You can choose your attitude despite your circumstances.” Trite, I know, but has a germ of truth I think.

    Missing you. Wanna go dads and kids camping again, if you’d forgiven me for last time(s).

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