A few photos and highlights from our break so far:











# 1:Hitting a monkey with a coconut.

I hit a monkey just like this one, squarely with a coconut from about 14mtrs. For all those concerned for monkey welfare, they are a pest, harbour disease, steal food, annoy the resort guests and bite people. I watched as one stole a man’s book and took it up a tree. They tried to bite Pietà, took our drinks, stole some coconut and were generally up to a lot of monkey business. To whack one was supremely satisfying.










#2: The beach resort we have just returned from. Yep, that’s the Indian ocean in the background. To be so close to the sea was wonderful. I would say we spent about 6 hours of every day in the water. That, along with excellent meals, snorkelling, lots of sleep made it a very good break. 

#3: Elijah and I went to the toilet together one day, Elijah looked up and said, ‘Dad, that is a big penis’. Ahhh, to the small many things look big. I can’t give you a picture of this highlight.

#4: The overnight train ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. Not exactly relaxing (it took 17 hours), but we had sleepers and it was a novel experience.

Back in Nairobi now for a few more days, staying at my sister’s. (who happens to be in Zimbabwe dealing with a cholera outhbreak).

6 thoughts on “Kenya…

  1. G’day Phil
    I received the badges you sent me, thanks. Does this mean you’ve renounced Leninism or have I become an unwitting participant in a communist plot?

    Nice pics from Kenya, good shot with the coconut.

    re Highlight #3, possibly too much information but it did bring back a memory of a very young Jordan once looking at me while were in the bath together and describing my penis as looking like a crocodile!!
    I have no idea why!!


  2. Where are my badges? It’s not the communist plot. It’s the social[ist] networking.

    And the Highlight #3 just triggered the child-safe internet filter (if not more). You just can’t have “child, young, photo, and p***s” in the same sentence.

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