Heading back in

It’s 10.48pm. Tomorrow at 12pm we fly back into Kabul.

It has been a good, necessary break. I realised as we flew up from Nairobi and landed in Dubai, that I was feeling increasingly heavy about returning to Afghanistan.

I don’t think that’s a bad, nor an unusual thing. Most of our friends feel similarly. It is so tempting to lead a comfortable life if you can, and we certainly can, back in Australia or any many other countries. I had several people suggest we pack up and take jobs in Kenya, and wow, that would be really nice. Exotic, new, beautiful, a bit of hardship, but plenty of lovely compensations. To go back to Kabul  – it is not new, nor exciting. It is known and hard. 

But, we are going to do it. At least for the next period of time, however long that is.


2 thoughts on “Heading back in

  1. the places God takes us are better than any other we can imagine in the long run of our journeys – may He continue to lead and you endeaver to follow – God’s eyes are upon His Sparrows and keeping watch no matter what transpires

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