We are back in Kabul two days. We arrived 5.30 on Tuesday night – it was dark and cold, but we had asked our watchman to light the diesel heater, so one room was warm enought. And friends had cooked us dinner. But! Kabul had a surprise in store. The cold weather had frozen the gas bottle, so there was no way to heat our dinner. Job no. 1 on arrival was to disconnect the gas bottle and move it inside, where it was marginally warmer. Mostly it is best they are outside, because of their tendency to leak and explode (more than once we have rescued screaming neighbours with singed hair from burning kitchens because of exploding gas bottles). But in this case dinner took priority.

Day two dawned bright, clear and freezing cold. The kids refused to get out of bed to get dressed for school. Eventually pressure, threats, blackmail and force did the trick and wrapped up like Eskimos,we all toddled off to our various occupations. On returning home at 4pm, job no. 2 awaited: the water pump wasn’t working, so we had no water. About an hour later I had fixed that one and we were all in business: water, heat, gas. What else do we need?

As a result of all this, I thought up a new song for the AfghanTourist Board:

Ah the joys of living in Kabul

The joys of living in Kabul

The joys of living in Kabul – 

Are very very few.

I am also thinking up new slogans for the Board:

 Afghanistan: makes you appreciate home.

Afghanistan: every day an adventure in home repair

Afghanistan: Come on in, the war’s lovely

Bound to think of some more soon. I will pitch them to the Tourist Board (if there is such a thing) later on.

3 thoughts on “Kabul…

  1. Where do I book my ticket?
    You’ve sold me!!

    What about “Afghanistan: Purgatory one day, hell the next” (Take off of an old Queensland tourism ad in case you don’t recognise it).

    “Afghanistan, it’ll keep you guessing”.

    “Afghanistan: Easier to say than to stay”.

    Feel free to include these in your submission to the ATB.


  2. You opened a can of worms here. Here are some more:

    “Afghanistan: Take the ‘bull’ out of Kabul”.
    “Afghanistan: The home of DIY headquarters”.

    Having said that, if you take away the war, security issues and all these inconveniences, Kabul is actually a very nice place to live.

  3. Yeah, you’re right Guen. I am pretty happy to be back. Funny, I felt quite heavy about returning here, en route back in, but when we arrived and were met by my Afghan staff, and the smell of wood smoke was in the air, and the mountains were all clear and white with snow, I felt really pleased to be back. The kids were delighted too.

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