On the absence of light and power.

In sharp contrast with our home, which presently is warm, well lit and cosy, with functioning 18hr/ day electricity (thanks to a deal President Karzai has struck with Turkmentistan), our office is dark, cold and powerless. Yesterday the city power dropped out, causing, as usual computers, printers, heaters etc to crash. It took a long time for the generator to be started, because the only person who possessed the arcane knowledge of how to turn it on was out in the city. By around 2pm we were able to start work again. By which time I was so cold I had put on a beanie (- woollen hat) and second scarf, in addition to my thick leather jacket, scarf, thick thermal fleece, long shirt, second fleece, t-shirt and second t-shirt. I was wearing ski-pants as well, and I was still cold. Staff came in just to look at me and giggle.

Now it is today and the power has just crashed again. It has been raining for hours, and fuses outside have melted, burned, disapparated or something. A bunch of office staff are standing around them, looking, gesturing and nodding sagely. One man is holding a screwdriver. I wander out to see what is happening. I wander back in again. No power means no access to the server, or the printer. A friend of mine thinks it is time to make the technological step to the computerless office, where we work on paper. He suggests it doesn’t crash, is invulnerable to power surges, archives well and doesn’t get clogged with dust. Paper: the new computer. I think he is on to something.

Meanwhile, I am still sitting here in the cold and dark.


One thought on “On the absence of light and power.

  1. Its 40 where we are today – I cant really say anything meaningful or cheerful. I will think…….Well, I do like the new ‘look’ of your blog, great to see Julie and the kids and little ? hidden from view. What about training some pigeons to do the courier work, how long would the return journey take? and can we see them back to you?
    Thinking of you, and looking forward to some more photos. And Happy Australia Day for tomorrow, people here have taken to putting flags on cars and driving around with not one, but two,three sometimes 4 flags, and some at the rear of 4 wheel drives! oh dear, I hope our patriotrism is not at the expense of excluding migrants/refugees/ and ‘others’ .

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