In a lovely green place but thinking of Kabul.

I am in Cambodia. Phnom Penh. As always, it is cool, green and enchanting.

At short notice, I was asked to come here for meetings. Generally being summoned at short notice to travel across 10 countries on three planes is a sign of something up. Trouble. Trouble at Mill, as Cath would say.

It is trouble. My Board is worrying about falling security in Afghanistan. The fact that increasing numbers of agencies designating Afghanistan a non-family station. They have the organisation’s work in five countries to think about. They are trying to minimise vulnerabilities and variables.

No final decisions made, but a lot of talking. From my side, a few tears. I talked to Julie last night, and she commented: ‘You have given Afghanistan your best. And it has given you what it has too.’

I am taking that to mean it has given us a lot of grief. Afghanistan sure has plenty of that. 



tough-men in Phnom PenhTough men in Phnom Penh


3 thoughts on “In a lovely green place but thinking of Kabul.

  1. I think I understand your sadness mate. Maybe this is God’s way of making the decision for you?
    If this signals the end of your Afghanistan era another door will open. You have consistently made yourself available and been willing to go to the hard places, God won’t waste that.

    As I’ve said before you’re a lot more use alive than dead and that possibility can’t be excluded as long as you’re in Kabul.

    Praying for you mate.


  2. Man, that sucks. You guys love AF and choose to live (and work there). It’s hard to [possibly] be told that AF is a family no-go zone. After a number of years of living in another country the definition of “home” is blurred, and I can only guess that in many ways, AF became a home to you guys. May God guide you and support you.

  3. Phil
    Not-with-standing the fact that you may be on the move again, Hugh wants to know your snail mail address in Kabul.
    Can you email it to me and I’ll pass it on, he being a dinosaur who refuses to acknowledge the existence or usefulness of email.

    Take care

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