Ranting, sadness

How are we meant to work in this place? We can’t even go to meetings because we might get killed. I was to go to UN buildings today in Kabul, to finally get some of our work off the ground. Now there have been three separate suicide attacks in Kabul with the Taliban claiming there are another four to come. Meetings cancelled, movement restricted, stay at the office, do nothing.


Later. We are at home, talking after dinner. Kids are playing in the saloon, building a huge castle out of cushions and toshaks. I start crying. 25 or so men got out of bed today, went to work. Underpaid, probably not very interesting jobs for which they were inadequately trained. And then were killed by other Afghans. What is this? I can understand when Taliban target us – we are a legitmate enemy, at least. But to keep killing your countrymen? What hope is there?


4 thoughts on “Ranting, sadness

  1. Not much I’m afraid.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard anything of the story of the Palestinian doctor in Gaza whose 4 daughters were killed a few days ago? He called a TV station, Israeli< and they put his anguished cries of despair on speaker phone as he described what had just happened to his family. It is gut-wrenching and compelling at the same time.
    As the (Australian) commentator said, for many Israelis it’s the first time the Gaza War has become personal. The saddest part was the vision they showed of Jews attacking the Dr and the TV channel for airing the story.
    Granted there are legitimate issues on both sides, innocent Jews and Arabs alike killed, but this was a pretty obvious case of overkill and wrong doing. Out of it was there a sense of hope or optimism that peace may one day come?
    It reminds me of Kabul and all of the issues you write about.
    What hope is there?
    Not much.
    Not in this lifetime.

    I feel your tears.


  2. Hope is a personal thing. People in Kabul do hope that they won’t be killed. They do hope that things can get better. That’s why you’re there. To support that hope. Your presence (and presence of others who are there by choice) is probably doing more than you can ever imagine. You cannot see or measure hope, but hope may be the only thing that is left.

  3. don’t let hope be taken from you – it is the seed that produces change – if hope is rooted in hate, captives remain chained – if hope is rooted in love, captives are made free – lovely hope provides an inward freedom in the midst of captivity – its light will shine in the darkest of places – hang in there sweet Sparrows of God – hang in there!

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