Kids and snow and guns.

Just when you thought Kabul was really horrible, it snows. The magic of snow is that it makes everything look so beautiful, clean and new. That’s not a sense we often get in Kabul.

Our kids loved it. A few days earlier, I came across this boy. He was playing with something else entirely. Yep, that’s a gun.


4 thoughts on “Kids and snow and guns.

  1. Your kids are adorable. I swear I had the same snowsuit as your daughter when I was her age! Oversize gloves, too.

    The innocence of the little boy in the second photo contrasts so sharply with the gun. Bleak. In the bus station of Novi Pazar in Sandzak (Serbia) about a year ago, I saw a little buy pull a handgun from his mother’s bag, run outside, and fire it in the air before his mother grabbed it back. The boy was about eight years old. No one in the bus station seemed at all bothered or surprised. That moment summed up a lot. But, then again, we have much gun crime right here in Albany, NY, and plenty of it involves children.

  2. the dichotomy found in snow and the dichotomy found in child’s play carries many messages of truth – sad and happy, darkness and light, hate and love, life and death, freedom and captivity

    Happy Valentine’s Day to God’s prescious Sparrows!


    • Thanks Yvette! Valentines Day here was nice – crispy white snow and sun. We’d wanted to sleep in, but our daughter was hyper-excited and got up at 6.15 to make us all breakfast…

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