Some photography from recent days

Some recent photography.

1. This is from a wall just near my home. I guess it is quite old, as it is now several years since tanks have openly traversed the city.

2. This woman is sorting rubbish. Specifically, our rubbish. Yes, that is our 4L olive oil tin next to her donkey. An odd experience, watching a poor woman search through what we have thrown away. I need to think a bit more about this. 

3. Driving through Kabul today, a wall of photos. Actually what preoccupied me most after I took this photo was that we immediately came across an old man, begging in the street. He was suffering some palsy, very bent over. I drew my wallet too late to give him anything. And the next old man I saw, we drove past as well. 

I have been thinking about them since.

4. This man repairs watches near the bank we use. He has an excellent array of old Soviet watches and his hands are nimble.

5. This last shot is Bush Bazaar. At this shop, several weeks ago, there was a Penis Pump for sale. Used. It was in a trunk of US soldier junk – stuff that I imagine he was getting rid of at the end of his tour of duty. But a penis pump? Is that how he passed the lonely nights listening to the whump of mortars and RPGs? What if a rocket shell landed while he was in a particular state? 

Don’t want to reflect more on that.

2 thoughts on “Some photography from recent days

  1. No. 2 think about it as a Verge Pick Up. Do you want to help people that really need help and are hard to reach out to? Put stuff next to the bin. (I’m actually serious). Next time leave some oil in that oil can.

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