Women shopping, Mazar-i-Sharif

This photo is from a few years ago. I lost it on a memory card, forgot about it, and refound it a few days ago. It is from one of the main streets in Mazar. Just near this place, a small boy threw rocks at me in 1996. I chased him, caught him and whacked him round the ear. A crowd gathered, laughing and cheering – for him or me, I am not sure. We then lived there for about 3 and a half years, from 1999 to 2005. It was a great time for us, full of good and awful memories.

We are heading back to Mazar in a few days. I have 10 days work with another NGO, evaluating some programs. It will be good to do something different, and to get out of Kabul.

Then we are leaving Afghanistan, a few weeks later, to head back to Australia, for the birth of our third child. We are aware it might be a long time before we are back: about the time we will want to return, will be peak insecurity season, and the election will be only weeks away. So I expect some delays.

It is a good chance to greet old friends again, before we leave.




6 thoughts on “Women shopping, Mazar-i-Sharif

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  2. i did not know you were expecting a third little bird! great news and best wishes – interesting that you would post the picture of women shroud in their clouds of blue with your tiny bird bound lovingly within the safety of your beloved’s womb – new beginnings are often found within the secret, hidden places of our lives – women are special because they bring forth life in the midst of pain and they are subject to oppression because of that very reason – God speed to His prescious sparrows – and i hope you do not stope writing because you are back in Oz

  3. That’s why you love Afghanistan. It lets you do things you’re not allowed to do in Australia. Like whacking boys between the ears, arguing with officials and running over sheep with your 4wd.

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