Dust and desert


We drove from Maimana back to Mazar yesterday. I have done this road when you used to go through the desert. It would take eight hours and five of those were spent ploughing though deep sand, one hour being bogged and 15 minutes avoiding bandits. Now the road is tarmac the whole way and not a bandit to be seen.

But you still can’t avoid the desert sand. 30 minutes out of Maimana, we hit a dust storm. The worst I have ever seen:

It blew like this for two hours, till outside of Sheberghan and we slowed to a crawl for most of that time. When we finally hit Mazar, everything was powdered in dust. 

And today we flew to Kabul. We arrived home to new razor wire on the walls. Lovely. I do like a bit of razor wire to finish off the look of a house. Makes it so.. homey.

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