Photos from our last days here

We are leaving in a short time. Returning to Australia does not excite me a great deal. Sure, it will be nice to see my family and some close friends. I am keen to go south, to my parents home in the bush. But, oddly, fantastically, I am going to miss Kabul. I have grown to love this country in a way I never thought I would. Afghanistan is like a teenage boy. Infuriating, recalcitrant, messy, always destroying things and disappointing hopes. But you love him anyway.

And I will really miss some of the international team here. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. While many days I achieve nothing, and only occasionally do I do something that actually benefits someone here, I am at least part of the humanitarian effort, the effort to bring to the forefront love, forgiveness, justice, hope, tolerance.


8 thoughts on “Photos from our last days here

  1. I found these words (via the web) maybe this sums it up for you? “For some of us this is not a homecoming but the beginning of exile. We become displaced persons.” (Principles & practices of travel medicine p.462)

  2. Hi Phil
    Can’t wait to see you back in Perth, but feel for you at this time of (yet again) leaving Afghanistan. Thanks for being both a practical help to those in need, and a symbol of God’s hope to so many – including your readers around the world.

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