en route

We are in Singapore. As usua,l a spray of emotions as we leave a place we love and loathe and travel on to a place we love and loathe. Robin put it well in one of her comments, ‘I have become an exile’. 

Neither Julie nor I are excited about arriving in Perth in a few hours. Too much sadness about leaving Afghanistan. Layered with anger at the officious Indira Gandhi Airport clerk who charged us $XXXX for our excess baggage. And with gratefulness at the Changi Airport clerk who just ignored it all. Tired.  Relieved. Overcome. Guilty at leaving a place we are committed to. Were committed to.


It just gets to be too much, trying to make a difference. All the people I know and love in Afghanistan are still there, working, sleeping, fearing, hoping.

I have left and they remain.


6 thoughts on “en route

  1. The other day I talked to a homeless guy, who apparently migrated from Holland to Australia quite a few years back. He said, “Man… migration hits you harder than smoking pot”. There you go.

    Coming back to Australia may feel like the worst option. Except when you compare it with other options.

    As the Big Book says, “There is a time for everything”.

  2. Phil, thanks for keeping your journey in Afghanistan so alive for us all. Guennadi quotes Solomon, one of the wisest of men and his words seem most appropriate to continue …

    “What profit does one who works get from all his labour? I have seen the business that God has given men to keep them busy. He has made everything to suit its time; moreover He has given men a sense of time past and future, but no comprehension of God’s work from beginning to end (eternity). I know that there is nothing good for man except to be happy and live the best life he can while he is alive.”

    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

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