Cold turkey on internet

Sorry for the long silence. We are still on dialup internet. Weird. It takes about three weeks to get a high speed internet connection in Western Australia. It took us less than that in Kabul. Trying to have a meaningful internet relationship is hopeless on dialup, so I have gone a bit cold turkey and pulled out from all web contact. Actually a good thing to do. What a waste of time the internet can be…
Plus we are still under the radar, in the deep southwest of WA. We may re-emerge soon.


One thought on “Cold turkey on internet

  1. Dial-up. Ouch. I hear you on the connection waiting time. It’s funny how certain things are paradoxically easier to get in poorer countries with less infrastructure.

    Deeper economic and social implications aside, I still curse under my breath when I have to wait and wait and sign papers and wait some more and then pay outrageously for prescriptions in pharmacies in the US, whereas all I had to do was go to the little apoteka around the corner, ask for what I needed, and hand over some pocket change in Bosnia.

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