we are now five

For a long time though Julie was pregnant, life continued just as it was. That’s the odd thing about being pregnant, at least for me. Everything is different, only it hasn’t happened yet. We kept doing what we could do. While we knew it would change, it hadn’t.

Well, now it has. Yesterday at 7.50 am, after a speedy 45 mins of hard labour, Rachel Tiia was born into our family. Rachel because we think it a beautiful name. Tiia is a Finnish name, and we have good friends from Finland, good memories of Finnish people, and know a good woman called Tiia.

Our other two, Pieta and Elijah seem pretty pleased about it all. As are we.  Delighted and grateful. But everything is now really different. I changed my first nappy of many years yesterday, we keep being disturbed by little cries and whimpers, there is baby stuff everywhere. It is very wonderful, and suddenly we are back to having a highly dependent little life in our hands. 



14 thoughts on “we are now five

  1. congrats on the bub phil! had no idea, was just thinking about you today and came on to leave you a message.. would love to talk to you once all the excitement etc has settled in.

  2. Warmest congratulations. That’s wonderful news, and a lovely photo.

    Incidentally, two days ago I was in rural Faryab and saw the Phil Sparrow memorial doorframe — all expats above four feet in height now receive repeated warnings about its potentially lethal qualities.

  3. thanks everyone. Joel, I am thinking to stay a Phil Sparrow Doorways tour of Afghanistan. It will feature all the locations I have cracked my skull.

  4. Congratulations guys on the new addition to your family. It’s a lovely photo 🙂

    I hope we can catch up again.

  5. Sorry about my tardiness but my own internet time has been greatly restricted in the last month. The birth of your daughter is truley wonderful news.

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