Two ways to have enough, and enough of this blog for a bit.

Alert readers will notice how this blog – this source of light and hope and deep melancholia, this free resource to aid aid workers and miracle workers everywhere, this catalogue of eruditions – has not really had much to say the last two months. This happens when I am back in the land of milk and honey and 24 flavours of dog food, latent xenophobia and trivia. I just don’t have much to say here. I am pretty much critical of everything. We are too lazy, too closed, too affluent, too absorbed with our own lives, too well fed and well entertained, and I am critical of all that, but there is only so long you can go on saying such in a blog like this.

So sorry to say it, but until such a time as we head back overseas, don’t expect too much from me here. I have, you may note, reverted the front page to my standard ‘in Australia’ front page. Please check in from time to time. I have really valued the comments, the company and the solidarity of many aidworkers and interested peoples from all over the world, that this blog has generated. Thankyou. I am humbled by your interest and your support. Keep reading some good blogs that wrestle with the world: – Alanna – another aidworker. – Pyjama Samsara – another Aussie returned to this soft place, but still in aid. – journo and traveller and thinker. – aid fella in Afghanistan – Sojourners – Christians for justice and peace. people close to what I think Jesus really was on about. Forget church and holy piousness, get serious about justice.

Final thought, courtesy of Cam Tero, at a time when every fashionable website sported a little, ‘Make Poverty History’ ribbon. Cam’s view was that to really make a change in the world in line with global consumption and resource depletion, was that we needed to make affluence history. I think he is right. And you know, it relatively easy to campaign for the end to third world debt etc – all good stuff. But how about denying yourself that new TV/ set of clothes/ car/ holiday/ airconditioner etc etc. As the Buddha says, there are two ways to have enough: acquire more, or desire less.


3 thoughts on “Two ways to have enough, and enough of this blog for a bit.

  1. I think it was Mother Teresa who termed ‘poverty of spirit’ for the West. I have my own slant and believe the west has spiritual diabetes. Broken people everywhere Phil, their coping mechanisms are different.

  2. Hello Phil,

    I have been meaning to write you for some time.

    I know it can sometimes be as hard to be in the land of milk and honey as away. And though you do not know me, I feel that I know you after following your blog for some time. Your experiences and thoughts posted to here have been very inspiring and enlightening.

    And I don´t want you to think that your negative thoughts are any less valuable than your positive ones. The world is not always positive and to try to deny this by focusing only the good is in some ways a lie in itself.

    Please come back. I don´t know how many of us there are, but I miss you.


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