Not long now

God willing, we will be back in Afghanistan in a few weeks. We have some people to rent our home. We are packing everything up in boxes (you get quite good at it the fourth time). We are throwing out the junk (gets easier, but amazing how much there still is…)

Leaving is hard, it brings into focus all kinds of things. Relationships that are unresolved, griefs that remain, people who you love and care for. Anxieties, joys, sorrows, ambiguities. But we are beginning to feel the start of the possibility of some excitement about returning to Kabul.

Leaving also brings into focus how short life is. And how accumulating things and securities and assurances and all that control is pretty much a waste of time. How it chokes us, slowly, stealthily, quietly. Getting rid of stuff and simplifying is a good thing. It is a shame it takes leaving the country to prompt it.

Next update, we should be back in the land of dust and disappointment.


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