New/ old car

We have bought a car, yes we have. It is a 1976 Carolla. It is bright green, it has four wheels, and most of the doors open. It is the envy of Afghanistan, and maybe even Pakistan too. I suspect the excellent Cam Tero, the original Luddite would highly approve. And Elijah, our son, on hearing we had bought a car, was thrilled. He was expecting a man’s car, a large boofy 4WD. However on seeing the Green Hornet, he was… mmm. Let’s see. I think ‘disgusted’ would be the word. He could barely speak, and was not at all interested in checking it out. ‘It’s not even a car, Dad’, he said, tartly.

Since the purchase last week, he has grown more accustomed to it, but he is still very keen for me to trade it in. Interestingly, the Green Hornet was built at a time when people must have been slenderer: the steering wheel is very low to the seat, so you have to slide in, slowly and stealthily. We have already had one minor accident: Julie was driving when a vehicle struck her from behind.

Usually, as alert readers will remember, a car accident provokes a great deal of shouting and machismo, probably violence and may involve guns (accident in the bazaar ). Julie, wisely, drove serenely on, but was followed by the male driver, who leaned out his window and accosted her; blaming her for his smashed headlight, broken several years ago when he struck a stray dog on the Kandahar road. But on seeing more closely the age and state of our car, and that it was a woman driver, he decided not to press his fault to his advantage.

Other thoughts: we were talking last night about how we are doing here, now that we’ve been here a month. We agreed that Afghanistan these days is significantly harder than before, with even less opportunities for recreation and fun.

Me: ‘A lot here is life-denying. It is hard to keep positive. We need to find things to do that are life-affirming. The problem is that many of those things are…’

Julie: ‘Life-threatening!’

Julie and I look at each other. We decide we are going to hold some gigs in our home, ask people to bring their instruments over and we will all have a jam. I am also going to start a Kids Club, so the kids in our teams have something more to do. Donations of resources (silk screening gear, games books (Yaconelli, Silver Bullets), art materials, cash) are welcome.


10 thoughts on “New/ old car

  1. Also possibly the most boring, unfashionable, uninspiring vehicle ever made!!:) But, the colour covers a multitude of sins!

    I got your email about the kids club. Will send some stuff soon when I dig it out. I’m curious, is the kids club for Afghan kids, expats or both?

  2. Looks like a beauty.

    My brother used to drive me to school in one of those – it had a fancy black louvre on the back and a loud stereo.

    I hope it takes you on lots of satisfying journeys.

  3. Go, Corollas! A reliable car, and I note an enviromentally sensitive green! What about car seats for the kids! Do you want any ‘Find Wally’ type books for kids club?

  4. Green ’76 Corolla was my first car. Great car, never let me down for 4 years at Uni. I responded by selling it the second I got a job and buying a big falcon that was a heap of junk

  5. Hope Julie is okay. We are praying for all of you to stay safe tomorrow while the election is on.

    PS: the car looks a lot like Vince’s car he had when he was 18, except his was hot pink! I bet Elijah would be even less impressed with that…

  6. I’ll have a look around here, I’m sure I can find some ‘games’ books for you. Do you need any board games? I’ll give them to Grace S and she can bring them with her on the Oct break which is in a couple of weeks.

  7. Given our UKness, can we contribute to the kids’ club resource request? If so, how do we get it to you?

    PS I like the car. Resembles a capsicum on a good day. Good on you Julie for your serenity. What a woman. x

    Thinking of you. We’re putting up a multi-clock like yours in East Vic Pk so we can know what time it is in your neighbourhood.

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