Women like it bitter

We are sitting at lunch. A kind of gloop of potatoes, lentils and oil. It is actually pretty tasty, though the oil and salt does add a certain weight to the meal.

After the gloop is bananas. ZA is wearing a bright pink shirt, with a large E embroidered on it, and he looks at me as he peels his banana.


I demur. ‘I don’t eat them.’

‘You get bananas in your country?’

‘Sure. I have banana palms in my garden.’

‘No way.’

‘Yep, and mango. Pomegranate, plum, apricot’.

‘Whoa…wow….What about koruut?’

Koruut is a kind of hard, dry nut. It is highly astringent, and tastes how I think industrial carpet might.

‘No. No koruut. It is not a big thing in Australia.’

ZA nods. ‘Here, the women like it.’

This is news to me. ‘The women? Not men.’

He shakes his head. ‘Women’. I ponder for a minute. ‘So why do women like it?’

ZA is only a little lost for an answer. ‘You know apricot nuts? Or bitter almonds? You know how bitter they are? Koruut are like that. Women like those. They like ’em. But as to why women like them, you’ll have to ask women. But they like it bitter.’


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