Images of Faizabad

Some recent shots from four days in Faizabad, NE Afghanistan

1. The beautiful backdrop to Faizabad. The office compound is in the foreground. In the lower right, the white Landrover used by the Nuristan Eye Team. A grim reminder.

2. The bazaar. Ages since I have seen spices and colours laid out like this.

3. Faizabad makes good jewellery. A set of silver earrings from here cost only a few hundred Afs, and quite beautiful.

4. Autumn leaves on an early walk up the hill.

5. The view from the hill (visible in the first picture). Faizabad is a pretty town, and it was very good to get out of Kabul’s dust and haze.

6. Local kids on the way back to my hosts house. Shot with a wide angle lens, hence the slight distortion.


“Hey, Abdul. Nice outfit”.

“Thanks, yeah the baggy pants are very cool. And this waistcoat fits all my stuff”.

“Well, gotta go. Be seeing ya.”

4 thoughts on “Images of Faizabad

  1. What is the billboard in the background of that last photo? Beware of pickpockets? Or beware of random men touching your elbow? I think Abdul would be commenting on Ali’s red silk pyjama outfit too – “this old thing?”

  2. what – random elbow touching is not rife in Australia? Wow. you have a nice country. Here, scarce a day goes by without elbow abuse of some kind.

  3. Well I am glad they have the courage to come out and talk openly about elbow abuse, I notice the shame is so severe that perpetrators have black strips over their eyes …

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