Image preceding reduction in virility

A family that goes to a vasectomy together, stays together. But it wasn’t my friend F on the table this time, it was me. Ken, the Canadian super-surgeon agreed to do the snip , and so at 9.30, we as a family went to his house for the big event. Now in case you think I am getting weird, the kids came along because Julie was to be surgeon’s assistant, and there was no one else to look after them.

I lay on his daughter’s bed upstairs (she was not present, let me add), and stared at the ceiling, the occasional thought of the millions of potential children of mine whose futures were being sealed off. Julie passed the Betadine and the anaesthetic and Ken tucked in. He didn’t play Eagles this time as the soundtrack, but afterwards we did drink coffee and eat quince slice together and listen to Playing the World. We then walked slowly, slowly home. Not too painful, but enough.


4 thoughts on “Image preceding reduction in virility

  1. Standby for cutting wit coming your way from Broady, this is one of his favourite subjects!

    Meanwhile you have my empathic sympathy!



    • Welcome to the V club Phil.
      Glad you walked home slowly – it’s too late now but I recommend staying still as much as possible over the following days. Hopefully you won’t whinge as much as Marcus did.

      And remember, if you change your mind, there’s always ‘Full Quiver’


  2. Well I sure am glad you didnt make that visit before or there would have been no Rachel!
    Julie deserves a medal for acting as assistant.

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