Image of Kabul

On seeing this photo, Julie suggested we organise a ‘Clean up Kabul’ day. I think we could do it too. Even if we just did the river, people might see the possible beauty here in this place. It might work.


3 thoughts on “Image of Kabul

  1. It’s been cleaned up before. What we need is a plastics recycling initiative so the same poor people who pick through the trash have an incentive to collect plastic and benefit monetarily as well. You will notice there are no aluminum cans in the river-only plastic.

    • Hi Elaine. Good point. But it might take more than that: people recycle plastics across India and Pakistan, and their rivers are still choked with rubbish. I think civic pride is also needed. That combination – recycling, adequate sanitation, and civic pride is what keeps public places clean in industrial economies.

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