Re suicide bomb at supermarket

We’re fine.



4 thoughts on “Re suicide bomb at supermarket

  1. Good news Phil. We were thinking of you and your family when we heard about the bomb.

    On a different topic, here is some good news for Elijah. We are looking after your two black bantams, named Monica and Veronica by the Tero family. When Monica went clucky, I put some fertile silky bantam eggs under her and another clucky bantam, Fluffy, who insisted in sitting in the same nest. Between them, in an interesting co-parenting arrangement, they have been raising 11 chicks together. Monica has been a wonderful Mum to her kids.

  2. Been out of the loop for a couple of days: is this a supermarket you frequent?

    Very glad to hear you’re fine, despite brevity of reassurance.

    Hugh sms’d today, asking how you’re going. He’s up to speed with texting but doesn’t have web access so doesn’t read I & I.

    As ever, take care


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