Back home

Well, hasn’t it been silent on Itinerant and Indigent? This is because I and my family have been travelling, and on leave. We left Afghanistan a month ago, to attend my sister’s wedding in France. It was a ripper. Then we holidayed in Switzerland, and England, visiting old and new friends. We stayed in a castle in Lucens, got ripped off by thieves in Geneva, swam in the Rhine and rode bikes in Basel, slept in a Manor house near Cambridge and collected coins in the fountains in Trafalgar Sq, and it was all very good (apart from the thieves bit – but all they got from us was my bag full of dust-stained Afghan clothes, so yahboosucks to them).

We are now back in Kabul, arriving a few hours ago. We got stuck at the airport, as the roads were closed to allow Karzai to travel through, so he could fly to Kandahar for the funeral of his today-assasainated brother. We watched as his convoy of 8 vehicles whizzed by, while we were all held back behind the barricades. Two army humvees, then 4 black Landcruisers, two more humvees, a police car, and an ambulance. Elijah and Pieta wondered at it all, and we tried to help them make sense of it: why someone would want to kill Wali Karzai, who he was, why the President travels like that. We prayed for their family after dinner – Wali Karzai was a known rogue, drug lord and very shady man, probably way past his expiry date. But he was also a brother and a son, and a father, and those who loved him will grieve now.

After a hold up of about 40 minutes, we were allowed to drive home. It is good to be back.


4 thoughts on “Back home

  1. and good to have you back too! Don’t know if I told you that my great , great grandfather fought in the 1842 Afghan war! I think the British lost! Do we learn from history?

  2. Welcome home Phil.

    Although can I really say that seeing I am not where you are, and have never been? Still, I’ll welcome you anyway, and I’m glad you’re back and you had a beaut trip.

  3. I thought things had been a bit quiet from your end, Phil. Now I know why…
    Hope you all returned home feeling refreshed and invigorated after your adventures in Europe. I expect it will take a while to settle back into the groove again. Travelling in different worlds and cultures does that, I reckon. It somehow unhinges us for a while – although we are glad to be home again, there is this residual discontent and unease which diminishes as the close memories of our time away fade into the past.
    All the best to you all as you “re-hinge” yourselves and find a new sense of normality for your lives in Kabaul. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. It’s great to hear that you all had a holiday – it sounds like it was fantastic (apart from the thieves, but I guess that is all part of the travelling experience). Hope you are all well, and that you all stay safe.

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