Image of hope

Sometimes, at the right time of year, at the right place, Afghanistan is a wonderful place to be. We have had three long days of real heat, and then today, it rained. Not much, but enough. The dust was caught up in the moisture, and as the call to prayer sounded at Iftar, the smell of lamb and chicken on the charcoal spits mingled with the rain and it was all wonderful.

Nothing is ever perfect: last week there was an attack at the British Council, and we fully expect the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to be significant. But we have to take the good moments when we can. In Faizabad, in the north east last week, I helped a new team of community development workers with their training; all going well, we will start work in another set of remote communities within a few weeks. Our renewable energy work there is extraordinary, thanks to a committed Afghan team and a scrupulous German engineer. Villages that would otherwise be forever using candles and torches are now having electricity via hydro-power, every night. And our adult education program is bringing people into new countries: critical thinking, interrogation of long held beliefs, voicing opinions, forming civic groups, standing up against injustice.

I sat tonight and smelt the rain and felt grateful that I can be here.


8 thoughts on “Image of hope

  1. Outstanding…something resembling hope. Looking forward to puttering around the rest of your blog. Any blogs you’d recommend that are similar to yours, or sources of info that aren’t run through some kind of PAO filter?

    • Thanks Dan! There are a few other blogs I occasionally read about life here – Captain Cat used to write a fairly interesting one, don’t know if she still is. Harry Rud wrote a great blog about his work with an NGO here, though it stopped when he went back to the UK. Transitionland also writes about life here, in an smart, acerbic tone, though her recent posts are a bit more advisory than reflective. I’ll see if I can think of some more.

  2. Thanks…I’ll be reposting this to mine. And your other stuff, too… unfortunately, what you’re posting, while hopeful, pretty much confirms what I’ve seen. If we continue on the route we are here, every effort is just another lap around the drain.

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  4. I live in UK and we are short enough of hope here, even (or more particularly) those who are supposed to be people of hope. So your blog did me a power of good. More strength to you and the others around the world who carry on buying fields inAnathoth.

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