Shameless self-promotion, but about an important issue

There is a heated, polarised and not very humane debate going on in Australia at present about how to deal with refugees, arriving by boat to Australian territories. I wrote about this in ‘From under a leaky roof’ (taken from the Afghan proverb, ‘He ran out from under a leaky roof and found himself in the rain’), published back in 2005. But the issues are still pertinent, and while the Howard Government at the time congratulated itself on locking up refugees and treating them as criminals, essentially, and outsourcing their accommodation to poor Pacific islands like Nauru and Manus, I closed the book by saying, something along the lines of, ‘this problem has not been resolved. Refugees will seek asylum in Australia again; this is but a hiatus in an issue that will grow in magnitude and intensity around the world, as people seek better lives for themselves. When it happens next, will we have learned anything?’

Well, it seems not, as the Labor Government is following, or was following, identical trajectories to the Liberal Government it so roundly chastised. Anyway, I wrote a book, and its all about this very issue, so go out and buy a copy, peoples!

And in case you don’t trust my judgement, here’s what the critics said:


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