Image of progress (?)

Down the road from us, in the bazaar, they are digging up the street. The ditch is about 3 metres deep, 2 wide, and stretches for a few kilometres. Shopkeepers and passers-by have multiple theories as to it’s purpose – water, sewerage, high pressure water (high pressure sewerage?), telephone. Whatever it will be used for, it is a huge mess. Not in this picture, but a little further up, behind me, the ditch has ‘necessitated’ the cutting down of all the old trees. Of course, these were quickly removed by the contractors and disappeared to someone wood yard. And in another example of the type of progress we are seeing here: two or three years ago, an extensive network of drains were built around the neighbourhood; concrete and stone, well made. You can see one such drain at the far end of the new excavation below, though it is unclear. These, which cost tens of thousands of dollars to build, are now being torn up. Along with the water mains, which were also laid a few years ago, and the telephone lines. I wonder how long it will be before this new ditch is torn up.

A (minor) annoyance that strikes us as a result of all this digging is that the phone line that provided DSL to our neighbourhood has been cut. A month is the estimated repair time. So until then, no internet access at home, and we are back to using a satellite connection at the office. So if you don’t get a quick reply, you know why.


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