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Not normally into self-promotion, at least not regularly, but here’s an article I wrote, that got published, that I think says pretty much most of what I have to say at the moment. Read it all at 


6 thoughts on “Article to read

  1. Hi Phil. Once again, thankyou for giving us a more accurate analysis of what is happening in Afghanistan.
    Trusting all your ‘wounds’ are healing. So glad you can receive medical expertise using sterile facilities!

  2. Keep up the media work, an alternate voice actually grounded in the context is sorely missing. Take care of yourselves too!

  3. great work mate. nice to see a reply to the rubbish from last week.
    I’ll email soon – briefly off o/s again sat…love to you and the fam.

  4. Great article Phil, your voice is sorely needed in this debate.

    No-one in Australia really knows the reality of daily life in Afghanistan. Our lives here are so far removed from this it is like a dream. All we know of Afghanistan is what we see on the news, which is usually bombings and violence. We are told that soldiers are the only thing that can stop this from continuing. I think Australians are only just beginning to realise that the presence of soldiers is the problem.

    Keep writing and stay safe.

  5. Hi Phil,

    I reposted your article on my Facebook page. Also I recently started a new job with a large corporation who (I only just learned) have large contracts with the Australian Department of ‘Defense’ (haha) and work hand-in-glove ‘supporting the Australian troops’ in Afghanistan.

    *Sigh* I really wanted to start a language school and help make smarter kids ( but now I’ve got a ‘real job’ with a big corporation that boasts how ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ it is, whilst actively profiteering from war, which is the least ethical and sustainable human activity on earth. Do you mind if I send them your article in the hopes that they will ‘see the light’ and abandon their multi-million dollar contracts?

    Also I remember you’ve got friends who work for Helliburton. Did you know they’re building big, shiny new offices here in Jandakot? (Along with GE) “There’s no business like war business like no business I know!”

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